Independent Speech and Language Therapy Services Ltd

Autism Assessment Service

We work with other professionals in a multi-disciplinary team to diagnose autism spectrum disorders (‘ASD’).

All clinicians involved have extensive experience working with people with social communication difficulties.

The ASD paediatric and adult diagnostic pathways are compliant with the guidelines from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (‘NICE’), available here:-

Assessment for children is likely to entail a combination of the following, depending on the specific needs and presentation of the child:

  • Observation in nursery / school / college;
  • Feedback from nursery / school / college staff;
  • Meeting with parents / carers to take a comprehensive developmental and medical history;
  • Assessment using Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (‘ADOS’) (play-based for younger children);
  • Cognitive assessment.

Additional assessments may be needed depending on the presenting needs and/or in order to guide appropriate support and intervention.

We partner with several professionals to undertake autism assessments.

Please contact our partners for further information: