Independent Speech and Language Therapy Services Ltd

Speech and Language Therapy Assessments for Children

Independent Speech and Language Therapy Services Ltd (ISLTS) has an open referral policy.

Following a referral, the child’s parents/carers will be sent our terms of business and a background information questionnaire. Parents/carers will be contacted on receipt of their completed questionnaire and a suitable assessment appointment will be arranged. We aim to offer this appointment within 10 working days.

Appointments will be offered at our clinic. On occasion, it may be more appropriate to offer an appointment at the child’s home or educational setting.

The initial assessment will typically comprise two sessions of approximately one hour, but in some cases further assessment may be necessary over additional sessions.

Assessment will include both formal and informal observations and it may be videoed and/or voice recorded (with parent/carer permission). Parents/carers are invited to observe the assessment sessions.

All assessment activities will be age appropriate and designed to obtain a true reflection of the child’s speech, language and communication skills and needs. For young children, the assessment activities will be play-based and the child is unlikely to be aware that they are being assessed.

Following clinical assessment, Parents/carers will receive a written report detailing the results of this assessment and recommendations for further therapy, if clinically indicated.

The Speech and Language Therapist will then discuss the contents of the report with parents/carers so that there is agreement about the cause and nature of the child’s difficulties. Any recommendations made within the report will also be discussed.
A therapeutic programme may be developed for implementation at home and/or in nursery/school as appropriate, and would be discussed in full with parents/carers

ISLTS offers a flexible service of therapy, tailored to meet the individual’s needs, including daily, weekly, or monthly sessions. Therapy may be ongoing or may be delivered in blocks with consolidation breaks.

The speech and language therapist reserves the right to withdraw or review the frequency of therapy and will discuss this with parents/carers if treatment is no longer indicated or deemed to be effective.

Please contact us to discuss your assessment needs.