Independent Speech and Language Therapy Services Ltd

Speech and Language Therapy Services for Pre School Children

Independent Speech and Language Therapy Services Ltd (ISLTS) has offered a qualified, experienced and specialist service independent of the NHS for over 20 years.

Children seen may present with a range of difficulties, including:

  • Attention and listening disorders
  • Comprehension of language difficulties
  • Phonological/phonetic disorders
  • Expressive language difficulties
  • Semantic disorders
  • Pragmatic disorders
  • Social communication disorders
  • Fluency disorders

ISLTS may visit children in playgroups and nurseries for assessment and observation.

Parents are encouraged to attend and observe therapy sessions so that they can continue activities at home between therapy sessions.

If your child still requires therapy when they start school, the Speech and Language Therapist will work closely with teachers, SENCOs and assistants to ensure your child continues to be supported within school. There will be close liaison with parents at all times. We will always endeavour to arrange school visits on a day and time that is suitable to the teaching staff. It may be that your child will continue to receive clinic-based therapy in addition to, or in place of, support in school.

ISLTS can provide a range of in-service training for parents, carers and nursery staff.

We offer individual and group support for parents, offering teaching about specific conditions, management and strategies to implement at home.

We will liaise with other health and education professionals as appropriate (with parent/carer permission).

Please contact us to discuss your pre-school needs.

Speech and Language Therapy for pre school children