Opening hours

9am – 5pm Monday to Friday

(Messages can be left out of office hours. We will return calls as soon as possible.)

Norwich Practice, 155 Unthank Road, Norwich, Norfolk. NR2 2PG

Opening hours

9am – 5pm Monday to Friday

(Messages can be left out of office hours. We will return calls as soon as possible.)

Norwich Practice, 155 Unthank Road, Norwich, Norfolk. NR2 2PG


I just wanted to send you an email just to say thank you. You have really helped me to be more comfortable and confident when speaking. I enjoyed our time together and will take what I have learnt and apply it when I am at the Eden project. Please could you write me a report to summarise the things we have worked on and the areas to keep working on.

Thank you again and I wish you all the best for the future.

One of our students at a Norfolk college

Dear Carissa, I’d just like to express my thanks too for all the fantastic work you have done with M. It is so nice to see the changes in her behaviour and her responses. She is making eye contact far more than she used to and I always thought that if she could communicate better then she would be less stressed and have fewer tantrums, which seems to be happening.

Thanks once again for all you have done and have a lovely Christmas, look forward to seeing you again in the New Year.


Thank you Carissa for doing an amazing job with A! His speech is improving and he just loves you!
He might be sometimes difficult at your sessions I believe but he talks about you a lot at home and he is always looking forward to sessions with you.


My son has only been attending speech therapy with Hannah for a few weeks after being put on the NHS list by his school. It’s been the best money we have ever spent. In just a few short weeks he’s made the progress he’s needed to be on target for his age and level with his peers at school. Hannah has been absolutely fantastic and really took my sons personality into consideration when planning and delivering sessions. G was excited to go every week and reluctant to leave! I want to say thank you for boosting my sons confidence and giving him the extra help he needed.


Thank you again for the report about our son’s speech development, we have seen a massive improvement over the last 6 months, this morning he came into our bedroom and said “happy mummy birthday”. Needless to say I cried, it was the best birthday present and at Christmas we felt like we would never get there. Thank you doesn’t feel like enough for this amazing gift we are beyond grateful.

A very emotional and proud mummy

Dear Becca, my daughter L told me that she started to talk to some of her friends and she said something about our pets to the teacher. Her best friend V told the teacher that L was talking to her, because she was excited too! She was very proud and happy and it’s so lovely to finally see her like that. She also asked me to ring you to let you know actually, because she was so content. Yesterday her teacher stopped my husband at pick up time to tell him that L was talking loudly a lot yesterday in front of everyone and she replied to some questions. That’s amazing, I didn’t expect such an improvement so soon, she really seems more confident now, than she was 2 days ago. Thank you

Mr & Mrs C

We’ve been so pleased with Daisy’s progress all the way through so please pass on our grateful  thanks to Carissa who made such a difference. As we said before, Daisy loved her visits because they were fun but also because she could see and hear the difference they were making. She now knows that other people – especially her school friends – can understand her and that has been a major confidence booster.

Once again, sincere thanks

Pat and Trevor

It’s amazing to see the progress my son has made since beginning his therapy. He was chatting so much in the supermarket today it bought a tear to my eye


My little girl attends speech therapy here once a week with the super very experienced therapist (part owner) called Lorna. My daughter is making great progress. She runs up the stairs to the premises with excitement to attend her session. Liesl (part owner) deals with all the admin side and is extremely helpful and a great first point of contact with a great deal of experience. The premises are easy to get to and you can park right outside the door! My little girl goes upstairs for her session and I sit in the waiting room in comfort (like being in my lounge). Lorna also makes visits to my daughters school to set up a programme so that she can continue with her speech work in school. All in all great professional team who give a fantastic service and expert advise.


Amazing!! We have taken two of our children here and have received nothing but 5 Star help! Their progress was quick and they enjoyed every minute! (We saw nick can’t recommend him enough!) Their admin lady is top notch and nothing is ever to much bother! After waiting and waiting for NHS to help this was a God send!


Can I just say how delighted I am with the lovely working relationship developing between my son and Nick. Nick has made a great connection very quickly and my son has thoroughly enjoyed their assessment sessions together. Onward and upwards to new adventures in the New Year!


Very professional service with a friendly attitude towards young children. Thorough and concise reports and feedback after each session. Would highly recommend this service for anyone looking for help and support in this area.


I contacted ISLTS after my husband had a major stroke, which left him with a very severe speech problem, and it was the best decision I have made. Nick is our therapist, he is such a lovely person and is so knowledgeable, I honestly don’t know where we would be without him. He has brought my husband on so much, and he always provides us with numerous resources for us to work with between sessions. His advice and guidance has been invaluable. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Nick and the ISLTS team to anyone.


I first became acquainted with ISLTS when I required a speech therapist’s professional opinion whether or not my toddler’s speech development was on par with his age.

Not only was the therapist able to immediately establish a rapport with him, but her concluding report was so thorough, so intelligible, that when it was read by my GP she complimented the therapist’s report three times, saying how much it had helped her. This indicates to me that my GP (and probably other doctors) are not used to reports of such a high standard of professionalism.


…during this time the changes in her are truly remarkable. She is able to speak in sentences rather than single word utterances, her memory skills are improved and she can often recount what she has done at school or had for lunch. Her speech is clearer; she is a different girl. We are beginning to think the sky is the limit as far as the improvements she has made to date.

The therapists are very quick to understand your child’s needs and are constantly reviewing and changing therapies to obtain your child’s best potential. I feel our relationship is a true cooperation of minds where your child’s best interest is their only focus.

My confidence in coping with my daughter’s needs has improved and I feel supported and listened to. ISLTS has proved to me they are a robust, professional and caring organisation and I am truly grateful for all they have done for my daughter and us as a family.


At almost four years old Matthew was reluctant to speak and when he did, would only say one word responses.

With less than three months speech therapy he is starting to form full sentences and will actively try to engage people in conversation. For the first time he has started to interact with other children at preschool and his understanding of what is being said to him has improved enormously.

He looks forward to his sessions and both his and our lives have been transformed by the progress that has been made.


I am delighted with the service my son is receiving!

Finally he is getting a service that meets his INDIVIDUAL needs. Not only is HE improving but WE as a family are learning exactly what it is we need to do to develop his speech and communication skills further at home!!


Since attending speech therapy, our son has blossomed.

The delight on his face as he learns new skills and his excitement as he realises what he can achieve is wonderful to see.

It has been a real journey of discovery for the whole family and we can finally look forward and see a way ahead for him.


The little boy they first saw was unhappy and angry and, because of his language difficulties was starting to disappear into his own, lonely world. A year later Tom is one of the characters of his school and is a happy and engaging little boy.

We have a long way to go with Tom but we will be making the journey with Cathy and the ISLTS team with confidence and a lot of hope.

Sian and Mike

As the parents of a 6 year old special needs boy with severe speech delay, I am writing to thank you most very sincerely for the wonderful service, help and support you have given to our son, Sam, and obviously also, to us.

In just 8 short months with you, we have seen HUGE improvement in his speech – which off course is vital to unlocking other areas of his very delayed development.

To have a therapist, like yourself, going regularly in to the school – a place that Sam knows and respects is a place of learning, to have small one to one groups with a fellow pupil or two has been absolutely vital to his progress. Your regular commitment has given him respect for you and the confidence to improve on his speech.

We hope, not only for Sam’s sake but for ALL children with speech delay – that you will be able to continue this wonderful service. I only wish you really know just how much it is deeply appreciated by parents like ourselves who are struggling to do the best for their child.

Thank you so much again.

T & J M